Church near Delhi University, North Campus

In this blog I want to introduce myself and the new church we are planting near Delhi University (DU), North Campus. My name is Navin Thomas and I will be pastoring this new church. My family, which includes my wife Blessy and our three children, shifted near the Delhi University in April 2018 to plant this new church. We came to Delhi in 2015 and for the last three years I was pastoring another church in Delhi. Before Delhi we were in Bangalore, where I did my Masters in Divinity (M. Div.) from South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS).

Why this church?
Did you know that God created everything for His Own Glory? And in seeking his Glory, is man’s greatest blessing? But human beings have this innate nature which leads them to walk away from this great purpose and pierce themselves with great sorrows. By doing so we begin to live lives which lack in ultimate meaning and purpose. Without God there is a vacuum in every human heart which cannot be filled with anything that we gain in this world. So, the reason we want to plant this new church is because we want to re-align ourselves to God’s purpose for our lives i.e. to seek His Glory (Excellencies!)

Our Vision Statement
We exist to proclaim the excellencies of God and to live a life of faith and holiness, modeled and gifted to us by Christ Jesus our Lord through his sacrificial life and death on a Cross.

Our Mission
Be intentional in exalting the triune God (no individual or organizations) in   every aspect of our services, meetings and outreaches.
• Christ centered teaching and preaching.
• Focus on the disciplines of the study of the Word, Prayer, Fellowship and Breaking of Bread and its implication for our lives.
• Raise leaders who are equipped to share the Gospel and disciple others in their own context. But we are especially passionate about multiplying Gospel-centered churches by raising more church planters.

Our Values
We strive to be Biblical in every aspect of our existence
• We welcome people from every background and strive to be multi-cultural in our membership and leadership
• We want to be transparent in all our dealings with the congregation and with the outside world

What we do
We are still in the nascent stage of our church planting. A very small group of people meet at my home once every month for a time of Worship, Word, Prayer and Fellowship. From 2019 God willing we will meet twice a month till the launch of our church somewhere between July to October 2019.

Come Join Us!
If you think this is a compelling vision and a church that you want to partner with, then please feel free to come and join us. You might be a local resident of this place or a student looking out for a new church, all are welcome! You can contact me on the below given mobile number or e-mail id.

Navin Thomas
Lead Pastor and church-planter
Mobile No: 9971064979
E-mail id:

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